Friday, 3 May 2013

Nmart Update May 3, 2013

Dear associates; today Nmart CMD GOPAL Shekhawat was presented before Ongole Court Andhra Pradesh. From today he has been sent to Judicial remand for fourteen days.

Associates have patience and faith in our judicial system. Wait and watch for the decision taken by the Court in this case.

Any one having any information regarding NMART with evidence whether positive/negative do send me so that it may be shared by all.

Jitendra Dubey
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  1. SANDIP KUMAR MAHATO3 May 2013 at 20:24

    I think nmart has more tranceperncy in comparision to other comoany and managment try to come back.

  2. Okarani nasanam cheyyadaniki kankanam kattukunnavadu korikalu konthakalam nadusthai appudu varu vijaya garwamtho oogipotharu , kaani adhi tatkalikame!!!!!!! Kani nijam telisinappudu vadu moham chupettaniki kooda paniki radu!!!! Debba tagilinavadu gayam manchu kovadaniki prayatnam chesthadu adi eeroju kakapothe repu thagguthundi,,, kaani gaayam tagalanivadu midisipatu padathadu aa midi midi jnaname vadi kompa munchuthundi !!!!!!!!! JAI NMART JAI JAI NMART SHEKAWAT IS GOOD PERSON!!! HE IS GREAT BONULO UNNA MANCHI VADU MANCHI VADE BONU LO PRATHI OKKADU CHEDDAVADU KADU

    1. please translate the msg in Hindi or English Mr. Prabha reddy because everyone is not possible to read the south Indian language.

    2. Sir I dnt know english @ hindi