Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Nmart Family members, Associates and Friends

My Dear Nmart family members, Associates & Friends,

I thank you all for supporting Nmart and trusting our company, we all know that we are fighting to prove us we are correct and we are not doing anything illegal to the system set by the government or the government bodies.

We are very much near to complete this matter to provide you better and the best service once again, our website is also in consideration and should be active very soon to serve you better and the best till the time you have seen.

We are also implementing new systems and new services for the losses you as a Family members have had to bare in the last many days as well as to our company has bare some losses due to this. But do remember my family, friends and associates, the more Gold is Tempered the more it Shines, and Nmart is a company which will shine brighter and will be seen as a more polished company till now anyone has seen in the Industry.

It is my heartiest request to all of you please do support us more, as your support is our biggest strength to fight back with the situation, we will start our work very very soon.

For more keep checking this Blog as i myself personally will update this Blog on time to time to update you with the latest situation.



  1. Nmart will opening very very soon.

  2. we are hearing this for the last 18 months!!.Now a days no official infn from the co and no answer from help line.What is the difficulty?Account not released yet?Pl give up to date infn at least.

  3. what's going on ? It's been long time there is not any information regarding for the legal issue. Kindly send the latest news as we r all listening since last 18 month that nmart is going to open, but yet its not been started. If it will start then inform soon so that we can buy product as it was before.

  4. Please return our investment, there are lot of poor family are investing in Nmart and now we are tearing, we couldn't say any reply for asking question those are joined under member hierarchy.

  5. sir its very hard to digest the same news from 1 and half year. lot of poor families have invested. i personally have 5 id's, plz return our amount as early as possible.